Nurturing peace ……

I don’t claim to have all the answers regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict , I simply try to observe and analyse the actions and words of all the parties involved. My preceding post was about my firm belief that the so called ‘peace process’ being a ruse.

As if to confirm my accusation , I should thank the Israeli government for providing wonderful evidence to support me in the last few days. First of all they announce settlement expansion only a few days before beginning direct talks with the Palestinians and then confirm that the prisoners they are going to release (as a gesture of goodwill , I assume) are not going to be quite straightforward as we had expected.

The settlement announcement speaks for itself. The last peace negotiations were halted because of another announcement to build illegal Israeli outposts. It’s not rocket science to understand why they did it again.

It’s claimed the prisoners will be of very ‘low risk’ and also long term detainees. However these prisoners were supposed to be released over 20 years ago but Israel back pedalled and declared they wouldn’t be released because of the ‘blood on their hands.’

Anyone remotely acquainted with how the Israeli justice system deals with Palestinians could conclude that the convictions were probably unsafe anyhow but that’s another story. It should also be stated that these prisoners were due to be released anyhow , having carrying out most of their sentences. Whether they will be allowed to return to their homes is a different matter. Israel has a history of deporting them to opposing factions strongholds. This of course would still render them imprisoned because it’s almost impossible to enter or leave Gaza…Especially if you have some kind of perceived criminal record.


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