The evidence is being investigated by UN CW experts… But it’s too little too late says Hague. Isn’t that odd …They are in Syria investigating use of CW from weeks ago so if the investigations from four days after the event are futile , what does that say about the previous allegations of CW’s?

Kerry suggests it’s a done deal , the Syrian regime did it…This despite all the available evidence pointing to the terrorist rebels. Russia has incontrovertible evidence , it claims but we don’t have to rely on any government if we don’t want to. The videos purporting to show the result of Chemical Weapons in Syria were uploaded to youtube…. The problem is that they were uploaded the day before the alleged attack happened! Furthermore , the videos show that the films were taken in daylight , despite the attack happening at 3-00 am.




It’s unlikely Assad would have sanctioned this attack knowing the repercussions that would follow.

It seems like Hague and Cameron are going to get the British political system to support an attack on Syria. Not that many MP’s are likely to read this page but I urge them not to implicate themselves in a War Crime by voting against any military action against Syria.

The fragmentation of every Israel neighbour is the aim of trying to oust Assad,. Whilst the Arabs are fighting amongst themselves they have no time to attack Israel.


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