Qatar 2

Qatar officials are said to be shocked by accusations of slavery and denied any wrongdoing. It's a pack of lies , they know all about it and in fact the national infrastructure was built by slaves. Just the same as the UAE and other places in the region for all I know.


Panic in the stolen Land.

Israeli government officials seem to be in a state of panic since 'the phone call' recently from President Rouhani to President Obama. However , on his return to Iran President Rouhani was given a mixed reception from the gathered crowds. From BBC news: A reality check came from both sides of a political divide often defined by … Continue reading Panic in the stolen Land.

A picture saves a thousand words…..

I 'borrowed' this from .....I hope they don't mind. Yes, I know it's a depressing sight but hopefully the more people see this , the more they will realise what exactly the Israel/Palestinian conflict is about. It's not the thousands of years old , unsolvable dispute some people would have you believe. It's a … Continue reading A picture saves a thousand words…..