Humanitarian intervention.

So whilst the never ending sound of suicide bombs are still ringing from Iraq to Afghanistan , Obama want’s to give Syria the ‘benefit’ of Western intervention…Purely for humanitarian reasons so he says. It’s taking some persuading to get the US Senators on board , despite the concerted efforts of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby. It seems just like the British public have started to understand these bogus excuses for regime change in far away countries …So have the American public.

It’s long overdue . Even very basic research on the internet or even good book stores reveal that all is not what it seems. So who provided evidence for the disaster called Iraq? A few have been accused , someone called curve ball , an Iraqi exile supposedly led a number of countries’ intelligence agencies on a flight of fantasy.

Of course , you would have to disregard the fact that according to the likes of Snowden , the authorities have been able to find out effectively all they needed to know about any one of us.

The truth is ….. I don’t know why Syria is being targeted …It’s probably a mixture of weakening them so that it renders another neighbour of Israel defenceless. There is also  murmurs of oil or gas reserves found in the Golan Heights which would be a little too tempting for Israel to resist but doesn’t want it’s own troops harmed. Also there is a pipeline issue ongoing which will somehow cause a problem for Israel (something about it strengthening Iran)

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