Syria urged to give up it’s chemical weapons.

Putin has urged Syria to give up it’s chemical weapons to appease the US and perhaps stop them from bombing. I read with horror a few years after the invasion of Iraq that UN weapons inspectors had stripped them of any kind of defence so effectively Iraq were sitting ducks. I don’t want Syria to be in the same position. Their neighbour are a collective psychopath and they have the most destructive weapons known to mankind. The threat of Syria bombing them with chemical weapons might just be a deterrence.

It’s all a guessing game , perhaps Putin is trying to avoid yet further destruction to Syria or maybe he’s having his own little chess match with Obama and the killing of Syrians don’t really bother him. An interesting story emerged today that some of the kids recognised from the images of the suspected CW attack on the outskirts of Damascus have been recognised by relatives in an Alawite area who suffered mass kidnappings a couple of weeks ago. This would explain the demographic discrepancy in  the countless YouTube videos. Did you see any women in those videos? Perhaps the perpetrators didn’t want to expose even Alawite female flesh to viewers of their sick slaughter.

Obama is hell bent on attacking Syria so even if he doesn’t do it this time , he will find an excuse. Several theories are being put forward. A gas pipe that Assad rejected that was designed to affect Russian sales of gas . To please Israel , but i don’t think this is a valid reason as Israel would be happy to see a long war with Assad’s troops killing terrorists and vice versa. Don’t be surprised if  Netanyahu  makes a land grab for even more of Syria , he can’t help himself.


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