Stark reminder

The 11th of September is the annual reminder of the immorality of war and the reminder that the war on terror failed miserably. Maybe it was always meant to . The only justification for the murderous campaign the (mainly) US have  inflicted on parts of the world would have been after a careful examination of the evidence related the WTC and a vigorous investigation. It didn’t happen.

It has to be said that it wasn’t ‘conspiracy nutters’ who immediately decided who was guilty. Neither was it they who destroyed the crime scene. The 9/11 Commission Report states in the very first few paragraphs that it was Usama Bin Laden who was guilty.

“Since the plotters were flexible and resourceful, we cannot know whether any single step or series of steps would have defeated them.” Maybe invisible should be attached to this description.

I didn’t see anywhere that a scrap of evidence was provided to prove it was Bin Laden who was guilty. Shortly after the attack , a video of Bin Laden confessing it was he who did it was circulating. It would have taken a great imagination to believe the video was the real Bin Laden. For instance , with the world looking for him  it didn’t seem to have caused him too much worry. His greying hair and beard seemed to have been replaced by a youthful , chubby appearance. He’d begun to wear Jewellery and seemed happy and cheerful …Everything prior footage of him contradicted (he’d even suddenly become a right hander).

Much of the WTC attack was very professional , but whoever really committed the crime became complacent. The elephant in the room was the massive building that came down like a classic demolition .·.Having not even been hit by a plane.

My main gripe isn’t that so many innocent people did on 9/11 , it’s that a lot more innocent people have died as a direct consequence of it.

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