Privatisation is a failure.

By selling off the Post Office , the UK government have yet again revealed their true contempt for public opinion. Previous sales of public assets have been a raging success for the money men, have been vastly under priced and have resulted in very quiet deals involving funding given after the sale . Jobs have been cut with remorseless vigour and the service has never actually improved or the public given more choices (as were previously promised). The derisory bribe offered to Post Office workers is insulting. I hope the Unions bring the postal service to it’s knees over this and I will support any action to help to do that.

Researching the history of privatisation reveals how the wealthy have repeatedly screwed over the working class of this country having bought important national assets for next to nothing and created vast wealth whilst doing so. When are we going to wake up? Perhaps when the PFI scandal starts to affect us all personally when our local hospitals are closed.


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