Given the media fuelled hysteria over chemical weapons being used in Syria , I would have thought a story coming out over the weekend would have created massive headlines , particularly from the BBC. During the allegations of Assad’s forces using sarin gas , the coverage by the BBC was (even by their standards) extreme. We were flooded with ‘if’s’ ‘what’s’ and ‘when’s’. Of course much of it was speculation , rumour and dubious unverified claims by mainly Western governments. The BBC reported it as if it was absolutely proven that Assad was guilty. Meanwhile , feelings in the general population subsequently showed a lot of reservation in regards to the BBC case for intervention in Syria. Despite the blanket coverage , it seems that the vast majority of Western civilians were deeply suspicious about the anti-Assad terrorists.

This weekend a story has emerged from Turkey (the initial reporting being a few weeks ago) that there have been indictments for a group of suspected Al Nusra fighters , the charges of which I’m not sure , but it is related to making or trying to make sarin.

One would think that after their promotion of ‘conspiracy theories’ related to Syrian government forces using chemical weapons that the BBC would have had it as their main story. Not a bit of it. They did initially report that there had been some arrests in Turkey but it was all very ‘inside pages coverage’. The actual indictments , so far as I’m aware haven’t even justified a small amount of coverage.  The American , British and French authorities categorically ruled out Syrian terrorist use of CW because they had concluded that it was absolutely impossible …They didn’t have the capability. I’m sure there will be an apology forthcoming, but don’t expect to read it on a BBC web site.

The  BBC agenda is yet again exposed by blatantly ignoring an important aspect of the news from Syria , a country that the BBC have actively promoted intervention. Anyone not believing they are a mouthpiece for the British (read Israel) government clearly needs to visit an optician.


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