Brown Moses

I just watched an interesting video on the BBC where a blogger called Brown Moses claims that the weapons used to attack civilians in Syria with chemicals are unique to Syria and could only have been fired by Assad troops.  The BBC claim he is an unbiased ‘expert’ on this conflict but he seems to have forgotten all the battles that the Assad Syrian army have lost in the past. Numerous bases have been been over-run by the terrorists and with them (one would imagine) , a large amount of Syrian army weapons been captured. He’s either naive , stupid or working for the US/UK/Israel warmongers.

His reliance on YouTube video evidence is a little odd to say the least , dismissing some yet claiming others give an accurate reflection. For instance , there have been many videos claiming  they are of Assad soldiers being beheaded. I haven’t looked at his site so  I don’t know if he has video of Syrian soldiers firing the same artillery shells …Has it not crossed his mind that it could be terrorists dressed as Syrian soldiers? He claims he was initially criticised for being pro-Assad but now he’s being associated with the rebels. This slightly ‘what did I do now?’ type of attitude is revealing that as much as he is supposedly an expert on the issue but cannot see the importance of pro Assad or anti Assad propaganda , claims and counter claims.

Quote from the ‘Syria Deeply’ pro rebel website interview with Eliot Higgins: With power comes the occasional backlash. “Before the Croatian weapons story, I got a lot of people saying, ‘You’re pro-Free Syrian Army’,” Higgins laughs. “And now I get the opposite: ‘Why did you talk about Croatian weapons? You’re pro-Assad’.

Sadly Mr Higgins, Syria is anything but a laughing matter to all the victims of this concocted civil war. I suspect he’s been given a helping hand by persons unknown , after all he’s jobless….How can he maintain the site like he has been doing? Shouldn’t he be scouring the  job advertisements? A quick Google search proves that the BBC have been promoting his website for quite some time.


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