Football Qatar style

I like football and try to get to watch my home town club occasionally. It’s a long way from where I live now so it’s not easy. I’m not obsessed but many people are. They tend to have routines , couple of pints before the game or maybe afterwards …Follow their favourite team , follow the national team and there are a lot of people who go to great lengths to watch any football. Watching England play is tortuous for me so I rarely bother. The ‘warriors’ from the Premier League matches on Saturday turn into players who seem frightened to pass a ball , with good reason when the end result is observed.

Women tend to get to more matches these days but it’s still male dominated. If an England supporter , or indeed many European supporters had to choose a place not to host the World Cup , Qatar would be close to the top of the list, especially when given the conditions under which the people of Qatar have to live.

Quote Dan Fogarty: “incidents involving insults or obscene language/gestures often result in arrest, overnight imprisonment, and/or fines.”

Quote from Wikitravel : To purchase [alcohol], you must have a license that can only be obtained by having a written letter of permission from your employer. You can only get a license when you have obtained your residency permit and you will need to get a letter from your employer confirming your salary in addition to paying a deposit for QR1000

Hmm, not so good.

Quote Wikipedia: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons (LGBT) living in Qatar are likely to face certain unique legal challenges. Homosexual acts between adult females are legal whereas homosexual acts between adult males are illegal.

Not particularly relevant to me however football authorities are trying to reduce discrimination in all it’s forms and only a couple of English footballers have publicly admitted to being gay. I’m sure some gay people enjoy football just as much as I do but it looks like Qatar might not be the best World Cup to attend. Currently speaking , maybe they should give Russia a miss four years later.

Further more , there is the temperature. Qatar officials have insisted that the stadiums will be at levels to accommodate athletes running around for ninety minutes but what about when supporters are out of the grounds?

EUFA have just declared they approve of the competition being moved to a winter slot presumably  to assist with the temperature problem. All I can say is …It must have cost a fortune for Qatar in brown envelopes. As much as this is a distinct possibility , the two fingers the football authorities stuck up your average football fan will be harder to stomach.



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