A picture saves a thousand words…..

I ‘borrowed’ this from occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com …..I hope they don’t mind.

dissappearing palestine

Yes, I know it’s a depressing sight but hopefully the more people see this , the more they will realise what exactly the Israel/Palestinian conflict is about. It’s not the thousands of years old , unsolvable dispute some people would have you believe. It’s a methodical , steady and a very deliberate land/resource theft. It’s ethnic cleansing , removing  Arabs who have probably lived in the same area through generations for hundreds of years. All this is happening in the modern world , not some time in history when perhaps  one village wouldn’t know what was happening in the next village . Mainstream media attempts to conceal this despicable crime will not be sustainable

Israeli officials often claim that various factions want to destroy Israel or push them into the sea. The reality is that Israel is pushing Palestinians into smaller and smaller areas. , exactly the opposite of the Zionist claims.


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