Qatar 2022 World Cup

World Cup organisers are said to be concerned at the conditions workers will be exposed to when the building of structures for the 2022 begin. Is that so? Isn’t it the job of organisers to have researched intensively for such an important event? Surely a few visits to Qatar may have informed them?

You see, this story is nothing new. A quick look on the net will tell you hundreds of horror stories of migrant workers tempted to countries like Qatar , UAE and to some degree Saudi Arabia (although the strict medieval lifestyle would be a major negative for me).

These workers are tempted by advertisements in their home countries (the very poorest countries are targeted) which offer work at seemingly good rates and free travel to the country. Victims are met by totally different conditions than they expected and much less money than promised. The ‘free’ flight over ,  it turns out, has to be paid for out of the employees’s wages. Passports are routinely taken from employees and from that moment onwards they are effectively prisoners. The US know all about it , in fact all ‘we’ Western countries are aware of it. So why does it continue if they know about it?

The answer is that they are allies of the West and therefore every crime is ignored by us as long as it stays off the radar. Slavery is alive and well in the Middle East.

This is the point at which the football authorities are exposed. I’ve known without looking for it that there are major human rights problems in the aforementioned countries , not just for immigrants but the poor people of those regions generally. The shocked gasps by these football organisers are absolute lies.

This kind of behaviour is endemic in the modern world. I’m discovering that everywhere I look I see the corruption and criminal deceit of supposed ‘leaders’. I’ll keep highlighting them whenever I can , not because I can make a difference but because it makes me feel better writing about it.


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