Panic in the stolen Land.

Israeli government officials seem to be in a state of panic since ‘the phone call’ recently from President Rouhani to President Obama. However , on his return to Iran President Rouhani was given a mixed reception from the gathered crowds.

From BBC news:

A reality check came from both sides of a political divide often defined by attitudes to opening up to the West. “Long live Rouhani, everlasting change,” chanted one group while cries of “Death to America” rose loudly from another.

Even eggs and shoes were hurled.

Oh , shocking stuff then.  But hang on…Weren’t enemies of the government treated to bed and breakfast at one of Iranians finest torture chambers when Ahmadinejad was in power? I was under the impression a person only had to look at a pro Western web page to be whisked off by Iranian secret services? Perhaps it was just BBC exaggeration.

Anyhow , back to Israel. Netanyahu has flew to the US . He is to speak to Obama tomorrow then speak to the UN on Monday . Lets hope he puts in a more convincing appearance than last time.


His preposterous cartoon image was a serious blunder by his team in 2012. I expect it to be much more subtle this time but still a threatening tone towards Iran. He will stress they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and an extreme danger to Israel and the world without giving a shred of evidence to support it. Nothing new there then.

It’s being called a charm offensive by Iranian critics, I would simply call it …The election of a new Iranian President. Iranians have elected there preferred politician and he happens to be much less combative than the last one. If Israel were serious about their peaceful intent they would welcome the new President and want to have discussions as soon as possible.

The reality is that they don’t want peace at all , they want domination over the Middle East. I have to smile when I see articles portraying Israel as the victim when Syria , Gaza , and Lebanon have been attacked numerous times ….Unprovoked. They use the self defence excuse but how are we to know they are genuine claims? All we should consider is that it takes months to plan the slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza and Lebanon and so these reasons are lies.

In recent years Israel have only attacked nations who had little chance of seriously hitting back , that’s why Netanyahu wants the US to take the initiative (assuming Iran has potential to respond). If I were President Rouhani  I would immediately improve my personal security , he’s become a much larger threat than Ahmadinejad ever was.


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