John Kerry

Here’s a quote from John Kerry:

“What is before us today is real and it is compelling, Our understanding of what has already happened in Syria is grounded in facts.”

His supposed facts are starting to unravel.  It’s being widely reported today that in fact seven of the places where chemical weapons are stored in Syria are under rebel control.

He’s used words such as ‘undeniable’ and promised a swift response …Based on allegations that Assad used the weapons. This was before any UN investigation (lets not forget that Assad invited these UN investigators) and before any facts could be gleaned from the areas affected . So there you have it , the Obama government accused Assad because of a number of uploaded videos to YouTube (you couldn’t make this shit up , could you?)

That wasn’t the only reason they were so eager to confirm Assad’s guilt. The US along with at least Turkey , UK , Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Israel have been assisting the rebels both financially and contributing weapons. So what Kerry was really saying was:: It wasn’t us.

The question is , who should we trust Kerry or Assad?

Kerry voted for the Iraq war (and despite what people say about intelligence failures , the likes of Kerry knew exactly what the military capabilities (or lack)  of Iraq . Kerry is a very wealthy man , I don’t believe that he could have been so deceived by US authorities…With all the resources he has access to.Yet he still voted for war. So he’s a liar.

He claimed that rebels didn’t have access to CW’s and yet they do. He’s a compulsive liar and if the US carry through any attacks against Syria , he will be a lying war criminal.


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