Poor Benyamin…..

One could feel a little sorry for Benyamin Netanyahu if he wasn’t such an odious , lying , warmongering bigot. He appears to represent the Israeli mentality including his hatred of Arabs and he’s not all that good with his predictions either.

As long ago as 1992 he claimed that Iran was 3 to 5 years from becoming a nuclear armed nation. Countless times since we’ve heard the ‘6 months away from the bomb’ warning. The question is how would he know?

In a recent interview by BBC Persia Netanyahu claimed that Iranians weren’t even allowed to wear jeans. Iranians have since shown thousands of pictures of them wearing jeans. Also in the interview he claimed that President Hassan Rouhani didn’t represent the people of Iran. The recent election campaign doesn’t appear to support his views there either. In the previous election it was claimed Ahmadinejad was involved in vote rigging and much worse , none of these accusations have arisen this time around , probably because the current President is thought to be moderate.

So we can conclude that Netanyahu is either clueless , stupid or both and he definitely doesn’t represent a threat to Mystic Meg.


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