Divide and conquer

I know very little about religion but what I do know is that if Shia and Sunni stopped fighting each other they would be able to concentrate on the real enemy …Israel. When Iraq was invaded , Shia-Sunni relations weren’t perfect but it seems that many lived side by side without much problem. To defeat Saddam wasn’t enough for Israel ..They wanted Iraq sent back to the middle ages even if they would have to do some provoking to trigger the start…A Shia-Sunni conflict. This was the first step in what would soon evolve into an Israeli foreign policy to fragment the countries who bordered them or were perceived as a threat to them . Conquering (by using it’s big brother the US) was merely a start.

After the illegal invasion of Iraq Mosques were suddenly being attacked and the sectarian dispute was started. Israel had created a reason for conflict and all it had cost them was a small amount of explosives. I strongly suspect the US and UK knew about this policy but were too scared to bring the mad dog into line. Now look what is happening in Syria…See the emerging pattern? I hope that this tit for tat lunacy will end because while it continues,  the fox is stealing all the hens.


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