Antar Shalabi Mahmoud al-Aqraa

At least we got this victims name. He was killed by an Israeli volunteer . The report from MA`AN news agency said: 'He said a Palestinian worker "attempted to stab" an Israeli border police volunteer, who shot the worker in response.' I don't have a criminal record , certainly not for violence , neither have I … Continue reading Antar Shalabi Mahmoud al-Aqraa


Shutting up a clueless Zionist.

Here's a discussion with an American Jew who believes he knows everything about Israel because he visited relatives for 7 weeks: Terrorist Attack Thwarted as IDF Seizes Anti-Tank Weapon In another sign that the situation in Judea and Samaria is heating up, IDF troops on Monday arrested an Arab terrorist who was found to have … Continue reading Shutting up a clueless Zionist.


The deal with Iran that was completed today is a step away from the madness of armed conflict that was looming for so long. I hope the easing of the destructive sanctions will achieve a marked improvement in the lives of all Iranians, however , I'm also hopeful that the deal will expose the Israeli's … Continue reading Respite

What does Hollande want from Israel?

From associated press: 'France's president promised Sunday to take a hard line toward Iran in upcoming nuclear talks this week as he began a three-day visit to Israel.' Isn't it the job of a country's leader do what is in the best interests of that particular country? Shouldn't Hollande be stressing his determination to be tough with Iran … Continue reading What does Hollande want from Israel?

Israel Sends aid to Typhoon ravaged Philippines

'The death toll from Super typhoon Haiyan is expected to reach 10,000.  There are critical shortages of food, water and medicine throughout the hardest hit areas of the Philippines. Nearly 800,000 people have been displaced.  The devastation is vast.   Yet within 48 hours,  Israel had medics on the ground in the island archipelago. An Israeli … Continue reading Israel Sends aid to Typhoon ravaged Philippines