Judge , jury and executioner

So Israel has yet again attacked one of it’s neighbours claiming that weapons were being transferred to Hezbollah. It’s clearly a lie because in 2006 Hezbollah didn’t need any fancy anti aircraft weapons to comprehensively beat the Israelis when they attempted a ground assault. Israel bombed the crap out of Lebanon then they thought they could stroll in and take control of the area south of the Litani river. Hezbollah repelled them very quickly, inflicting considerable casualties .

The great irony is that Israel claims Hezbollah (amongst others) are  terrorist entities yet it is Israel who behave more like terrorists . Just because the EU , UN and others completely ignore Israeli crimes , it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. The subservience of many world organisations to Israel is a mystery. It’s certainly not the obnoxious snake like creature Netanyahu that charms them.

How can Syria be forced to submit all their chemical weapons to the OPCW yet no one even mentions Israels repeated use of White Phosphorus on such a densely populated area as Gaza? Similarly , Iran are prevented from creating nuclear energy whilst Israel sits on massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons. How can Iran be breaking any international laws and Israel are not? Every day Israel abuses Palestinian human rights , every day it’s ignored.

The crimes that these monsters inflict on Palestinians are comparable to many of the allegations directed towards Nazi Germany.



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