How can anyone defend this?

A Palestinian woman stands near furniture removed from her house as it is being demolished in East Jerusalem


[Credit : Ammar Awad/Reuters]

(Source: fotojournalismus)

…Or indeed why would they want to? The distress in this photo is tangible. This poor family are one of thousands who have had to stand and watch their homes destroyed to accommodate the racist expansion of Israel. This is a most outrageous  crime that in any civilised country would cause a massive uprising.  Why aren’t  all the decent Jews of Israel marching and campaigning for these crimes to stop? ….Maybe they are.

They have in the past used the excuse of a person being an enemy of the state as a reason for demolishing the homes of relatives of (for instance) suicide bombers.  How can a complete family be responsible for what a sibling or offspring does? Where in the legal system does it say that I would be responsible for a crime committed by my brother or sister? What kind of criminal justice system would try to punish me for a crime attributed to a member of my family?

A nation that believes strongly in collective  punishment (illegal) , that’s who.

Western Politicians should try to summon up the courage to attack this kind of behaviour , not take free holidays in Tel Aviv where they are bombarded with Pro Israeli propaganda. If only they could remove the yellow streak down their backs……

2 thoughts on “How can anyone defend this?

  1. HIYYA!!

    after all it’s a psychological war
    SO! HOME?! i dont think 1 could talk about homes without getting sentimental!
    2build a home is weave a nest, u put all the energy/caring and everything u own into it…its a sanctuary in its most accurate definition 4 every creature has ever walked the earth, 2gather/2fill with warmth/2protect and defend!

    2demolish that with an unjustified force is 2crush a spirit, 2scatter a family, 2get under the skin of its ppl and disturb their sense of safety!

    the thing with those cases is that the owners wont put up and sell their lands no matter how much they get offered so THAT goverment digs out some made-up violations or construction errors or permits issues to bring those houses down….its a matter of honor, legacy and heritage for them

    well,,,,u already know all about this and u probably covered it somewhere along ur blog ^^

    • You are correct , it is a psychological war. Israel tries every tactic it can to demoralise Palestinians and of course make them feel unsafe. One of the worst situations in life is when a father is unable to protect his child, that’s the reason they make raids in the night and why they accuse children of throwing stones … Its all to terrorise and to tell Palestinians that they can get anyone they like at any time they wish. They have in fact mastered and improved the Nazi strategy. Not that it’s anything to be proud of unless you are a psychopath!

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