‘Settlers’ burning olive trees.

Google the title, there are 470,000 results. For sure , there are going to be some things that are only slightly related to the Israeli ‘settlers’ favourite pastimes but nonetheless , it’s a lot. We’ve had outbreaks of various crimes over the years here in the UK but when the crimes become widespread the government tend to bring out a law or improve existing laws to deter these offences.  Sometimes,  if it’s bank fraud or something the banks themselves introduce new ways to stop the crimes. Governments have been known to drastically put up the sentences for anyone committing these misdemeanour’s strictly as a deterence.

So, bearing this in mind shouldn’t the Israeli government have made stringent efforts to stop the uprooting and burning of olive trees a long time ago? Living in England , I can’t say I’ve encountered an olive tree but searching on the net into Palestinian reliance on olive trees informs me enough.

Israel effectively condones these wicked crimes . They also encourage violent attacks on Palestinians and wilful destruction of Palestinian property. They direct their sewage towards Palestinian villages and there are even reports of Israeli authorities telling Palestinians in remote areas that they have to remove solar panels from their roofs. What possible reason could be given for Palestinians living in areas without electrical power to remove these panels from their roofs ?(I believe they were donated by some charity groups).

I’ll tell you why. They want to make Palestinians live in the most basic conditions they can inflict on them .They want their lives to be so miserable and without any kind joy for them to say ‘lets get out of here!’ Obviously it’s not as if they could escape even if they wanted to do. They are caged in.

My rant is cut short…I have to go to work. To be continued




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