‘Settlers’ burning olive trees. Part 2.

I worry that I’ve lost my momentum but here goes. What is the purpose of checkpoints. If the segregation wall has been as successful as they claim why do they need to have checkpoints, especially ones that aren’t even in the area that Israel claim is their territory? I’ve never encountered one of these checkpoints so lets see what the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem says about them.

“Israel’s severe restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement in the West Bank are enforced by a system of fixed checkpoints, surprise flying checkpoints, physical obstructions, roads on which Palestinians are forbidden to travel, and gates along the Separation Barrier.  The restrictions enable Israel to control Palestinian movement throughout the West Bank as suits its interests, in a sweeping breach of Palestinians’ rights.”

So why should they want to control the Palestinians movements within the West Bank? Seems B’Tselem had the answer to this in the next paragraph.

“Prolonged checks and searches at some of the checkpoints, humiliating treatment by soldiers, and long lines deter Palestinian drivers from using some of the roads still open to their use. As a result, Palestinian movement on some of the main roads in the West Bank has dropped, and these roads are used almost exclusively by settlers.”

I really can’t believe how the Israelis have been able to get away with this for so long. Humiliation and persecution were the trade mark of the Nazis , weren’t they? So why if they have been the victims of this kind of treatment in 30’s and 40’s in Germany should they treat Palestinians even worse?

‘Your’e anti-Semitic!’

No I’m not , I don’t care what anyone’s background is but yes , this outburst is mostly aimed at Jews because it is they who want a ‘Jewish State’. It could be argued that it’s the country’s politicians that create this barbaric situation but when Cast Lead was being carried out against Gaza , over 90% in an Israeli poll agreed with it. Some were even going to advantageous places to get a better view of the horror inflicted on them whilst having picnic’s. That is not normal behaviour , I don’t care what happened in their history to treat other humans in such a way beggars belief.

The only way that world governments would let any nation get away with all this crap is if they controlled or scared them into accepting it. The final word on this post can be spoken by a beautiful but very angry little girl.



2 thoughts on “‘Settlers’ burning olive trees. Part 2.

  1. hiyya….
    isnt that girl such a precious1!
    liked the belly boy and negro hair tho ^^
    her accent isnt pure Palestinian it leans 2ward the egyption accent like most of the ppl in south/west of gAzA-city of Rafah due 2 the fact that be4 mubarak regime falling and gAZA siege activated it was easier 2travel aboard\trade…the 2 accents has blent in thro-out the years (it was a-loving relation)
    well that movie as a whole is brilliant….

    as 4 stealing olives trees…..my grandfather used 2 say that when the zionists were planing as minority 2 take over palestine they used 2 go 2 fields and steal OLD OLD OLD olive trees and plant them infront of their newly built homes and start saying (THOSE OUR OLD HOMES WITH OUR OLD TREES AND WE HAD THEM FOR HUNDRED OF YEARS!)
    they challenge the common sense! they STILL DO!


  2. AS 4 wut u said about “thinking about deleting it” UR BLOG
    4 sure thats ur business and wut u wish 2 do with it…
    each1 got his own way of resisting some fight in field/write/draw/make art/videos/films/songs/protest/expose and raise awareness/financially ^_^
    some would feel they’l explode if they didnt stand in the face of injustice…its the personal satisfaction and defending a faith in an idea(no matter wut that idea might be!)
    its a noble thing,,,,,,wut u r doing….weather u continued nor decided to pursue some other way/goal/WUTEVER

    u could advertise it! UR BOLG! i told u how!:}

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