Sometimes I become weary of ranting on about the same old things , I’m like a stuck record , repeating and repeating. I wish I could change it but I can’t. Besides Zionist manipulation of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the Balfour Treaty , initiated by my government, is the basis of Israeli claims. Various Zionists had been working hard at creating the circumstances to enable the state of ‘Israel’ long before the treaty was signed but it seems Balfour was rubber stamping the deal .

During the second world war , the British promised everything to everyone in order to gain the upper hand and there were many victims of this policy in the Middle East. I don’t suppose in itself it’s so unusual , the difference here is that ‘we’ promised the Zionists a homeland on someone else’s land. The people originally living on that land are still suffering extreme racism and still  being ethnically cleansed over six decades later.

The emerging USA of that era seemed at first reluctant to support the area falsely called Israel , but they made up for it since.

So now , because of the shenanigans from politicians years ago , Palestinians have to endue barbaric conditions every single day of their lives. The Colonialists (settlers) rule the roost. One thing we do need to understand about these enormous housing developments built by Israel is that International law indicates that many of them are completely illegal. Another point is that they aren’t built randomly . The are built in strategic areas where they can view any Palestinian threats clearly. Not that Palestinians do anything other than protest about the ‘settlements’ , in fact the threat is almost entirely TO the Palestinians from the lawless inhabitants of these outposts.

In the Surrounding villages , many locals struggle to make a meagre living from their ever shrinking assets , gradually being eaten away by Israel making up laws as they go . They are constantly attacked by thugs armed to the teeth and they have no protection from either the Israeli Army or Police force. There are countless incidents of them standing idly by whilst Palestinian property is destroyed , their bones broken or even both.

Every single aspect of their life is controlled by a government that would completely remove them if it weren’t  for the fact it would cause uproar through-out the world. They are diligently looking for reasons to get rid on a drip-drip basis. Not the best ‘Final solution’ but will have to make do in the meantime.

Very few countries support the Palestinians cause to the degree that could help them. Many complain very weakly when Israel commit another violation of human rights but never condemn them . UN protection from censure has been guaranteed by the US and Europe even on the mildest resolutions condemning Israel.


Israel has got the most useful sources of water under their control and limit Palestinian access to it.


Israel has control of many electrical sources and even try to stop Palestinians having solar panels fitted.


Very little chance of visiting or leaving Palestine . Israel has all entry points covered and have their faithful ally the Egyptian Army supporting them (the vast majority of Egyptians do not support the Armies position on this).


What employment? When a region is controlled to such a degree that Palestinian areas are , there are extremely limited ways to earn a living. Add the fact that ‘settlers’ harass farmers trying to eke out a living and building supplies aren’t allowed into Gaza in particular and what do you have left in the way of jobs?


Palestinian children do not have a normal childhood like most of us hopefully had. No one can protect these children from terrorism inflicted on them by the IDF and the ‘settler’ thugs.  Just as the SS had total domination of German security during the second world war the IDF does as it pleases with little likelihood it will be held accountable . Crimes that the Israel Defence Force get away with include obvious cold blooded murders , torture and much more. You will have to do extensive research to find Israelis in general having suffered the full force of the law and the IDF particularly.


Bleak , unless we can expose the Israelis for what they really are. The only glimmer of hope is the tenacious Palestinian defiance and determination . The resilience these people show is breathtaking at times and these are just the instances that get publicised in the West. On a day to day basis in their lives , I’m sure there are many more examples.  Long may it continue!


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