BBC have just announced that Syrian government troops have taken control of Sbeineh , south of Damascus . The area is described as ‘very important’  to the rebels , we can only hope that this is the first of many victories for Assad to rid the country of mainly foreign terrorists . This was a fabricated and well planned ‘social uprising’ by the friends of Israel , Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Turkey and others.

These people don’t care about Syrians , they care about money. Access routes for energy supplies were the predominant factor , closely followed by Israeli dreams of snatching more land from it’s neighbours. If Assad is defeated it will severely weaken Hezbollah and in turn give Israel more options regarding it’s proposed attack on Iran. Israel are reluctant to attack Iran with the battle hardened Syrian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces in good order. It would seem that Netanyahu doesn’t think Iran can hurt Israel but it does look like he’s wary of his close neighbours.

Rightly so after Israel’s miserable attempt to control  the region up to the Litani River. They lost a lot of IDF soldiers in a very short period and were totally outwitted by Hezbollah. The simple truth about the IDF is that they are bullies and when confronted by a well organised enemy who have weapons they are found severely wanting. They are fine when raiding a family in the middle of the night with no means to defend themselves …And are in their element  firing various ‘demonstration control weapons’  at children and other none violent activists . They aren’t so brave when  confronted by well trained , disciplined resistance fighters.


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