Palestine Unesco fall out.

I just discovered that the US and Israel have lost voting rights in Unesco (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) because they failed to pay debts accrued since Palestine were allowed into Unesco. Both countries stopped paying contributions in 2011. The reports states:

‘The suspension of US contributions, which accounted for $80m a year – 22% of Unesco’s overall budget – brought the agency to the brink of a financial crisis and forced it to cut or scale back US-led initiatives such as Holocaust education and tsunami research.’

This paragraph made me read it again. Tsunami’s are a threat to many regions of this world so research is justified and indeed welcomed but Holocaust education? The Holocaust is part of the crime which was the Second World War. Why is the US supporting initiatives furthering ‘Holocaust education’? Shouldn’t it be educating it’s soldiers on the Geneva convention ?(the British should try that too).

There are Holocaust memorials, museums and institutions in most of the most important cities in the world. This education as they call it is not required or necessary. It’s not the people that need educating anyhow, it’s the governments and corporations who benefit from wars and appear to consistently push for conflict. For example Haliburton was close to insolvency just before the invasion of Iraq. Needless to say its in fine fettle now.

Where was I …Holocaust education. Nothing can be done to save any of the victims of the second world war and it wouldn’t be so bad if the name changed from Holocaust to a general anti-war message. Why is only a certain group displayed as the ultimate victims of that war? It’s time all this empathy specific to one ethnic/religious group was discarded. It’s an abomination to kill anyone , not just Jews.

Further down the report, it says:

‘Israel’s ambassador to Unesco, Nimrod Barkan, told the Associated Press that his country supported the US decision “objecting to the politicisation of Unesco, or any international organisation, with the accession of a non-existing country like Palestine”.

I thought the Palestinians were accused of not recognising Israel? Clearly it is Israel that don’t recognise Palestine. Now the real sick irony.

‘Among Unesco programmes already slashed because of funding shortages is one in Iraq that was intended to help restore water facilities. ‘

Talk about rubbing salt in a wound. The very infrastructure ‘we’ destroyed was going to be repaired (only a small part of it) and the US pulled the plug. Nice.


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