France gives total support to Netanayahu.

The French have put a spanner in the works concerning a deal with Iran and the worlds major powers over it’s nuclear energy program. It’s either a big fraud and set up , for example the US pushed France to do it to get them out of a tricky situation with Israel or indeed France have  succumbed to Israeli sweet talk or pressure. The outcome will probably result in a very large order for a French company related to a Saudi deal. Or perhaps this is the real reason:

‘On February 8th 2007, France froze payments of Sofidif dividends to Iran.  Paris cited UN Security Council Resolution 1737 as the reason behind its decision to hold back the payments.’

What has a deal with Saudi got to do with helping the Israeli’s?

Despite Saudi constantly complaining about Israeli atrocities perpetuated on Palestinians the two are very closely aligned. Both are trying to destroy Syria , Hezbollah and Iran,  both are supplying weapons or assisting terrorists in Syria.

So how can the Salafists and other militant terrorists allow Israel to assist them ? I thought the battle was between the Islamic world and Israel , the latter being the ultimate enemy of all right thinking Muslims?

Yes,  the Palestinian issue over-rides most differences in the Islamic world , quite rightly but it seems that the Saudi’s and Qatar’s don’t fit into normal. They supply their terrorists with weapons and money with supreme confidence they won’t upset their allies, Israel.  This summary would indicate that those who think they are the most righteous Muslims … The terrorists in Syria are in actual fact collaborators with the worst persecutors of Muslims, the Israelis. Even taking into consideration the US/UK crimes in Iraq , Libya and other places, Israel has still caused more misery and continue to do so to Muslims than any other enemy.  They have been suppressed , tormented and abused, not to mention murdered by Israel for the greater part of 100 years and yet their own people (terrorists in Syria) are virtually fighting for the Israeli’s .

Funny old world, isn’t it .



John Kerry has now claimed that the negotiators with Iran were united after all. France were not the dissenting voice , he claimed the Iranians weren’t ready to accept the deal they had offered them. Were the French coming in for too much flak so Kerry tried to deflect it? I think not. By his statement, Kerry involved Iran in the reasons the negotiations failed and I trust them to tell the truth much more than I do the ‘coalition’ shower.


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