It’s ok to terrorise …….

……As long as you don’t do it in the UK.

If these men had been arrested for committing a crime like this in the UK it would be headline news for weeks. Because Hague and his cronies know they were working for anti Assad terrorists …..’It’s fine …Let them go , we’ll tell them we can’t get the witnesses’ .

They should be struck of the Medical Register and turfed back to Syria (with their families) ….. After all they were quite prepared to make other peoples families suffer. Trained Doctors? If I were suffering the worst agony in the world I wouldn’t want these two scum bags to touch me. I hope all their neighbours keep a very close eye on these three terrorist suspects that have clearly avoided justice.

Furthermore, if the two victims couldn’t be arsed to return for trial after being rescued they aren’t much better.

The report states that they were rescued by the FSA…. So who kidnapped them then? There are too many loose ends to this story.


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