Let’s look at Iraq first. Whilst WMD inspectors were supposedly looking for Saddam’s none existent weapons , US spies within this group were taking vital information about Saddam’s conventional military assets. Eventually , Saddam had to grant WMD investigators unlimited access and that was when all the information to knock out Iraqi defences was acquired.  There was no war in Iraq , it was a walk-over due to the US and it’s allies being able to destroy any defensive capabilities Iraq had. There was no resistance because all the facilities required to mount a defence were in ruins. It was quite deliberate for there to be a Sunni – Shia conflict, after all , only the lives of the working class soldiers were at risk.

Back to Iran. Do we think the Iranians are stupid? Have we not considered the likelihood that Iran observed very closely what happened to Iraq and because they did , would it not be perfectly understandable if they didn’t want nuclear inspectors accessing places of defensive military importance? Whilst I applaud Iranian attempts to reach a deal with the West , it should be blatantly obvious that they must keep up the pressure on improving defence capabilities.  Recent events don’t really give us much indication of what is going to happen but considering  recent crimes committed by Western governments, the Iranians need to expect the unexpected.

Especially with a monster like Netanyahu leading the orchestra.


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