The assassination of Ahmed Jabari

On the 14th November 2012 Ahmed Jabari was assassinated by the Israelis. It appears that just before his death he had received a draft copy of a proposed truce with Israel. Bear in mind that this is only a matter of weeks before the murderous cast Lead Operation conducted by the IDF on Gaza. Obviously the Israeli government didn’t want any sort of peace with Hamas or they wouldn’t have killed the man that could make it happen.

It’s estimated that the attack on Gaza would have taken months to plan, maybe Jabari was about to ruin all that planning by being completely reasonable and facilitating a workable cease-fire.

Only recently Hakimullah Mehsud  was killed in a drone attack by the US , even though he was reported to be making a peace initiative. The right wing media have given a long list of atrocities allegedly committed by Hakimullah to discredit the claim but but people can and do change their outlook. As a suitable example , take a look at the list of Israeli leaders … All have been connected to Israeli terrorist groups. It could well be argued that these terrorists, even when in office didn’t pursue peaceful diplomacy.

The conflict in Syria could also be put forward as an example. The US and it’s co-conspirators have for a long time been appealing for a peace process but what they don’t tell us is that Assad has agreed many times to attend meetings aimed at a peaceful resolution…It is the militant extreme terrorists that won’t even talk with Assad or his representatives.

The demand that Assad should go is still the top of US/allies list of requirements. Why do they always kill or try to remove the advocates for peace?


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