Israel Sends aid to Typhoon ravaged Philippines

‘The death toll from Super typhoon Haiyan is expected to reach 10,000.  There are critical shortages of food, water and medicine throughout the hardest hit areas of the Philippines. Nearly 800,000 people have been displaced.  The devastation is vast.   Yet within 48 hours,  Israel had medics on the ground in the island archipelago. An Israeli search and  rescue team is also assisting the efforts to locate survivors.’

So generous and heart-warming but…………………… How can Israel show so much compassion to the Philippines tragedy whilst they have effectively created a situation for the people of Gaza that is very much typhoon like in it’s consequences. I don’t want to under emphasise the suffering of the typhoons victims , I hope they have as much help as possible to overcome the catastrophe they have suffered   The fact that Israel is publicising how generous  they are makes me feel almost physically sick.

Electricity , water and food shortages , untreated sewage resulting in serious health problems … We could be talking Gaza instead of the Philippines. Only it wasn’t a typhoon that caused these miserable conditions. they were Israeli jets that destroyed vital infrastructure and Israeli/Egyptian military that imprisons the inhabitants of Gaza and denies them access to the outside world and all the aid and relief that would entail. The flotilla that Israel would not allow close to the Gaza coastline had medical supplies and building materials that the Israeli ‘typhoon’ jets had obliterated.

Israel now has the brass neck and arrogance to let the world know how humanitarian it can be. People are suffering in Gaza, humanitarian help is needed to give them a semblance of normality. When will they release the six year long typhoon that is called ‘siege’? Isn’t there an old saying that charity begins at home? I know it’s not their home but Israel should  concentrate on giving the people of Gaza some respite and relief from the unnatural storms called Cast Lead and Pillar of Defence.

This  outpouring of compassion is a cynical attempt to improve it’s image in a world that is becoming very wise to the games that Israel plays. Why should Arab kids be any less worthy of disaster relief than Asian children?

The exposure of Israel’s tactics toward the Palestinians is vital to gather justifiable support for the relentless misery piled on the everyday life of Gazan’s and the hypocrisy shown recently is a perfect example.


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