Threats to Iran

The discussions concerning Iran appear to be very close to getting a good result for all concerned. Even though I do not believe Iran were ever trying to attain a nuclear weapon it seems this is the best solution for Iran’s security.

There are numerous groups who are indirectly threatening Iran with war if an agreement is made but I would like to think these people have become far too sure of both themselves and their influence. The French are simply trying to please Israel, probably because they can influence a deal with French interests with Saudi (why Israel has so much influence with Saudi would probably be best answered by the terrorists in Syria). The Israelis themselves are trying to maintain the present situation whereby no other regional country can pressure them in to giving the Palestinians a fair deal. It’s not Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons that  Israel are scared of , it’s the support they give to Syria,  Palestine and most importantly Hezbollah. In 2006, Hezbollah couldn’t stop the criminal destruction of Lebanese areas by the IAF but the Israelis were given a bloody nose by these well disciplined resistance fighters. Israel is trying to weaken Iran so that it in turns weakens Hezbollah.

Another faction trying to stop a deal is AIPAC , the rabid American Israel supporters. These people have serious problems regarding their national loyalty. It would be regarded as treachery in any other country for a group to behave like this. Lastly, the threats of the Israelis themselves The compulsive liar Netanyahu screams like a child that is teething. Lets hope he gets some medication to ease the pain of these growing teeth.


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