One comment on “Respite

  1. greetings and salutations =^_^=

    in any given day i wouldnt devote a second of it 2 watch or read the news, cuz its a big charade orchestrated by devious/shady characters…..i cant honestly tell who’s who cuz they’r all wearing devilish masquerade masks pouring well scripted statements in2 the ears and minds of the easily manipulated persona’s!

    havent we established that the news is directed 2 raise bias against 1 idea/side against the other?
    especially when its owned by corporates and individuals whom serve ulterior motives,
    and when its owned by governments then its either 2 enrage or lean the public 2ward their policy!
    they’r hypnotizing ppl and planting ideas in their subconscious so the word “israel” must trigger “compassion” or wutever idea they’r drawing attention 2 or diverting from ^^

    so the news is a NO-NO
    the thugs and their cronies r a big NO-NO-infinite-NO-NO forever and always
    also iran and hizballah arent acting tough in front of the world out of shivery nor the warmth of their hearts
    israel+iran r 2 sides of the same coin
    i love their food! YUMMMMi,their furnitures, decoration and carpets, some of them r enchantingly beautiful!
    but morally and political-wise they’r like a maharajah snake at a charming dance! they pop 2 entertain with striking fiery motto’s but if u let them express their real desires u will find its only poisonous and illful 2ward any1 isnt a follower of their FAITH! (shape shifters)
    so iran is a NO-NO-no-NO, but i’d shake the hands of the devil just 2 unsettle my enemy 🙂

    let me check wut i wrote upstairs!
    and reading all those lines above i say *OOOOHMIGOSH*! i do blab-GIR-GIR-GIR!
    and thats my dear is how 2 talk in a scattered manner in a conversation ^^ when u bring food 2 the political table 🙂

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