One comment on “Shutting up a clueless Zionist.

  1. been watching a set of videos for danny ayalon lately,,,,,,donno if u’v heard of him “titled the truth about israel”
    they draw the “ISRAELI” version of the state creation and other matters concerning the conflict!
    its total mockery aimed 2ward history, its facts and documents,
    and as 1 palestinian politician said about them “falsified account of history and international law”
    he promotes the ideas, and advertise 4 them! brain-washing mission, cleaning out their image and most importantly drawing sympathy!
    history is being re-written and forged by the victors,,,,,thus its far from over 4 them 2 be that!

    and this is a clip from a tv show,,,responding 2 some of his crap


    i bet u already know about him and all that!!!!!! like i’m not telling u something new :d~ u know 2oo 2oo much!

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