Antar Shalabi Mahmoud al-Aqraa

At least we got this victims name. He was killed by an Israeli volunteer . The report from MA`AN news agency said:

‘He said a Palestinian worker “attempted to stab” an Israeli border police volunteer, who shot the worker in response.’

I don’t have a criminal record , certainly not for violence , neither have I been a victim of aggressive behaviour , so I’m not entirely sure of what would go through a persons mind if confronted by someone with a gun. We do know the bullet is much faster than the hand so anyone with a degree of intelligence would not try to be faster than a gun projectile. This isn’t the first claim of a Palestinian attacking an Israeli soldier with a k knife or sharp object.

If this had been the opposite way round, the Israeli supporting BBC would have it in their headlines, probably all day depending on other news. But because an unarmed Palestinian was killed by the IDF it will slide under the BBC radar.

Another excerpt:

Locals of Qabalan village denied that al-Aqraa tried to stab the volunteer.

I know who I would believe, and its not the people with the guns. Just like almost all crimes against the Palestinians this one is more than likely end with  no punishment for the offender. Sickening , isn’t it?


One thought on “Antar Shalabi Mahmoud al-Aqraa

  1. {the border-line volunteer was chasing some illegal workers in the streets of “tel-aviv” and they cornered a group of them at an under-construction-building and killed him there}

    i’d believe it was self-defense from their part if he was holding a hammer!
    wy he’d hold a knife 4 in-there,,,unless he was holding 1 of those pocket knives that wouldnt leave a scratch or go that deep!

    then wy would any1 volunteer 2 serve in his free time and sweep the streets of a presumably safe city with a big gun clutched 2 his arm?
    thats a blood-shed-thirst culture(serving a higher purpose they say)!
    they hand settlers infants guns 2 pose in photos with faces full of glee!
    teenagers and youngsters roaming the streets of the west bank terrorizing its ppl with guns taller than them with an unquestioned authority!

    then its conscription!!!!
    100% of the israelis MUST be recruited and MUST serve in a mandatory programmes at the israeli army
    only those with a valid reasons(approved by the powers of darkness) get away from serving…
    the others who wont do it gets charged and prosecuted 4 insubordination (mostly 48palestinians)!
    some at 21 gets out of that brain-washing machine hungrier 4 more blood and sadistic torture craving!

    by the way “ma`an” is so so so bias 2 fatih-there4 i dont like them ^^ and regards :~d

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