The attacks by extremist terrorists on Russia could prove very decisive in the war in Syria. It was reported a few months ago that Prince Bandar , the Saudi head of Intelligence had threatened President Putin concerning his support for Assad. It’s claimed that Bandar indicated that the Russian Winter Games could be a target. If this is true, it could inspire Putin to supply even more resources to help Syria beat the Bandar sponsored thugs.

Bandar is a nasty piece of work who collaborates with Israel to undermine Iran’s growing influence in the region. The irony of Jihadis doing Israel’s dirty work for them proves what they are. Furthermore , we shouldn’t think that these so called freedom fighters don’t know who is pulling the strings and several attacks by Israel on Syria reinforce this belief. These criminals are no more religious than I am. They are traitors doing the devils work.


Hypocrite Cameron.

The British Prime Minister demands that Syria must answer for the death of a British doctor killed in a Syrian prison. It was an Assad PR stunt that went horribly wrong and it was clearly not in Assad’s interests for the doctor to die.

While we are demanding honesty , perhaps Mr Cameron should cast his mind back to the two British doctors acquitted because the two main witnesses refused to take part in the court case , just a few weeks ago. These two doctors are attempting to start work again in British hospitals and I think Mr Cameron should call Mr Assad and explain to him why these suspects who were fighting with extremists elements in Syria have not been brought to justice here in the UK. No one knows how many innocent civilians these two men killed but Syria should know the truth just as the UK government should know the truth about Abbas Khan.

Mr Cameron might consider that foreign nationals lives aren’t as important as British lives , in fact there is ample evidence to support that being the case but he shouldn’t make it quite so obvious.

Whilst he is explaining the situation to Assad, Cameron could also shed light on why British tax-payers money has been used to support the terrorist extremists fighting the Syrian government forces in Syria. It’s against International law to meddle in other nation’s internal affairs and not very honest when we condemn the very same type of terrorists in our own country . That’s hypocrisy.

The Prawer Plan

It sounds harmless enough doesn’t it? The BBC think so too. It’s just ‘a plan to relocate communities’ , they say.

So let me get this straight, to forcibly shift one very large group of people from A to B is ‘relocation’. Can we describe the many Jews in 1939 Germany as just being relocated (the ones that survived)? No , i thought not. So lets look at it another way. Bedouin Arabs being told their centuries long homeland (that has already been asset stripped of water and other valuables) are just being gently moved to another part of ‘Israel’, being totally compliant in the process. Erm, no not really. They have been threatened for a number of years with expulsion from their homes and demolition teams have been constantly working overtime for the Israeli authority who is running the ‘relocation’.

The BBC haven’t just got it slightly wrong this time. The simple and very clear reality is somewhat removed from BBC editorials. In the above description there is no mention of ‘ethnic cleansing’ (which is without a doubt what it is) and seems to agree with Israel that it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Well it isn’t a perfectly reasonable thing to do. It’s a criminal act by a criminal country, described by a criminal news organisation. The cretins that keep churning out all this pro Israeli propaganda are being paid by the British public to write the lies and leave out  omissions  critical to the complete story. It’s high time the BBC were brought before a tribunal of license fee payers to explain this disgusting support of ethnic cleansing Israel

The Doctor

The mainstream media continue to condemn Syria over the death of a British doctor in a Syrian jail , this is the third day they have promoted the story. This doctor could well be the victim of Syrian human rights abuses , I don’t know but neither do the MSM know either. However , they are treating it like the conviction of Assad is already done and dusted.

Of course it’s not unusual that they have done this. Many trials have collapsed because the MSM have found a suspect guilty before a trial has even started. If an individual was to do such a thing they would be imprisoned for a long time. It’s not only the wealthy that seem to have to adhere to different laws than we ‘working class’ it’s corporations too.

I googled ‘two British doctors charged with terrorism’ and the results were few and far between, this Daily Mail one came up though;

So that’s it then , he denies it so should be allowed back to work. I hope the suspected butcher never lays his surgical tools on me , especially if he suspected I were Shi’a Muslim.

My point is that this story needs further investigation , there are too many questions unanswered. The most important one being why the two main witnesses failed to appear in court for this case to even start it’s proceedings.

The BBC are at it again.

This is a page from the BBC:

The concern for a British doctor is commendable but the BBC conclusion that he was murdered is rather presumptuous. Very unlike the two previous British doctors that were in Syria … Fighting for the Syrian opposition terrorists. It seems in that case, the two main witnesses couldn’t be bothered to give evidence. So two British doctors have effectively been allowed to murder and terrorise the Syrian people and our justice system does nothing about it. That’s fine but if we are going to ignore crimes by UK citizens on foreign countries then why should we expect the Syrians  to investigate crimes against British nationals. It seems to me the BBC epitomises the arrogant and self righteous attitude ‘we’ seem to have concerning all other countries. Just like the BBC, we are conceited bastards.

Hugh Robertson MP: “Syrian authorities have in effect murdered a British national who was in their country to help people”

Yes Mr Robertson , just as we allowed two terrorist doctors to avoid punishment for what could have been hundreds of crimes inflicted on innocent people in Syria. Unless we are going to stick by the rules why should any other country?

Crap-mas greetings

The ongoing fraud targeting helpless consumers is again taking money from the addicted masses, they must think it’s so easy. How a quaint old tale about Santa Claus can turn into this disgusting spend-fest , I’ll never know.

The greed of it all disgusts me. Kids have no idea about the value of things whilst adoring parents go into debt for their precious little ones. Corporations take advantage of the gullible public, using a wide variety of advertising campaigns to squeeze the  money from you. The so called ‘Christmas spirit’ is long gone, having been replaced by an unquenchable thirst for useless possessions which we are reliably informed we need.

Come Boxing day , they will be trying to sell you the same crap for a few pounds less and guess what? You’ll be queueing up for hours and hours to get your sticky maulers on it!

In many parts of the world people are starving to death, often because the Corporations love of wars and the vast profits it creates for them. We’ll probably throw away more than what would be needed to feed them.

Please forgive my cynicism and lack of ‘Xmas spirit’ but it seems blatantly obvious to me that this event has been hijacked by unscrupulous profiteers who don’t care what junk you buy as long as it’s their junk.

On top of all this , I’m bombarded by the same shitty Christmas songs that get regurgitated year after year. My human rights are being disregarded having to put up with this persistent music for CJD sufferers that I am made to listen to (I have no choice in the matter).

So please don’t wish me happy Xmas, you might just get a ‘fuck Christmas’ in reply.


No one can understand.

No one can understand the incredible pressure that the Palestinians live under on a daily basis in every aspect of their lives. Haven’t people noticed that Israel restricts even official visits from other countries and always attempts to humiliate these visitors ..Presumably so that they give up on these beleaguered people and not try to visit again . Why don’t the mass media expose this disgraceful behaviour instead of creating stories about minor irrelevant has been’s that grace the worlds television screens. While the people whoop and cheer the x factor or whatever it’s called they see nothing else.

Maybe we could set up two little villages here in England that are controlled by an Israeli type authority and subject them to the daily procedures the average Palestinian has to endure. I can only try to understand it from afar , I’ve never visited the region but from my extensive research I have a very good idea of what takes place.

No Palestinian is safe , and they know this.

From a top politician to the poor farmer tending his grazing animals in a remote region. They all know that the crack of a weapon or the noise a despatched rocket makes could be the last thing they or even all their family hear. Can we understand this threat. No we can’t , either because we don’t care or are only interested in our immediate vicinity. This will be mankind’s greatest downfall. It’s time we got interested, because Palestinians today could be us tomorrow. Most new development comes from military science and research projects which then filter into domestic use…Eventually. It’s the military that get the first use of it and it’s the Israeli military that are imprisoning the Palestinians in an unprecedented experiment into human control. Until the  majority of people become more vocal in opposition to the crimes inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel , we’re screwed. If only they could just drag themselves away from the latest episode of x factor………