No one can understand.

No one can understand the incredible pressure that the Palestinians live under on a daily basis in every aspect of their lives. Haven’t people noticed that Israel restricts even official visits from other countries and always attempts to humiliate these visitors ..Presumably so that they give up on these beleaguered people and not try to visit again . Why don’t the mass media expose this disgraceful behaviour instead of creating stories about minor irrelevant has been’s that grace the worlds television screens. While the people whoop and cheer the x factor or whatever it’s called they see nothing else.

Maybe we could set up two little villages here in England that are controlled by an Israeli type authority and subject them to the daily procedures the average Palestinian has to endure. I can only try to understand it from afar , I’ve never visited the region but from my extensive research I have a very good idea of what takes place.

No Palestinian is safe , and they know this.

From a top politician to the poor farmer tending his grazing animals in a remote region. They all know that the crack of a weapon or the noise a despatched rocket makes could be the last thing they or even all their family hear. Can we understand this threat. No we can’t , either because we don’t care or are only interested in our immediate vicinity. This will be mankind’s greatest downfall. It’s time we got interested, because Palestinians today could be us tomorrow. Most new development comes from military science and research projects which then filter into domestic use…Eventually. It’s the military that get the first use of it and it’s the Israeli military that are imprisoning the Palestinians in an unprecedented experiment into human control. Until the  majority of people become more vocal in opposition to the crimes inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel , we’re screwed. If only they could just drag themselves away from the latest episode of x factor………


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