Crap-mas greetings

The ongoing fraud targeting helpless consumers is again taking money from the addicted masses, they must think it’s so easy. How a quaint old tale about Santa Claus can turn into this disgusting spend-fest , I’ll never know.

The greed of it all disgusts me. Kids have no idea about the value of things whilst adoring parents go into debt for their precious little ones. Corporations take advantage of the gullible public, using a wide variety of advertising campaigns to squeeze the  money from you. The so called ‘Christmas spirit’ is long gone, having been replaced by an unquenchable thirst for useless possessions which we are reliably informed we need.

Come Boxing day , they will be trying to sell you the same crap for a few pounds less and guess what? You’ll be queueing up for hours and hours to get your sticky maulers on it!

In many parts of the world people are starving to death, often because the Corporations love of wars and the vast profits it creates for them. We’ll probably throw away more than what would be needed to feed them.

Please forgive my cynicism and lack of ‘Xmas spirit’ but it seems blatantly obvious to me that this event has been hijacked by unscrupulous profiteers who don’t care what junk you buy as long as it’s their junk.

On top of all this , I’m bombarded by the same shitty Christmas songs that get regurgitated year after year. My human rights are being disregarded having to put up with this persistent music for CJD sufferers that I am made to listen to (I have no choice in the matter).

So please don’t wish me happy Xmas, you might just get a ‘fuck Christmas’ in reply.



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