The BBC are at it again.

This is a page from the BBC:

The concern for a British doctor is commendable but the BBC conclusion that he was murdered is rather presumptuous. Very unlike the two previous British doctors that were in Syria … Fighting for the Syrian opposition terrorists. It seems in that case, the two main witnesses couldn’t be bothered to give evidence. So two British doctors have effectively been allowed to murder and terrorise the Syrian people and our justice system does nothing about it. That’s fine but if we are going to ignore crimes by UK citizens on foreign countries then why should we expect the Syrians  to investigate crimes against British nationals. It seems to me the BBC epitomises the arrogant and self righteous attitude ‘we’ seem to have concerning all other countries. Just like the BBC, we are conceited bastards.

Hugh Robertson MP: “Syrian authorities have in effect murdered a British national who was in their country to help people”

Yes Mr Robertson , just as we allowed two terrorist doctors to avoid punishment for what could have been hundreds of crimes inflicted on innocent people in Syria. Unless we are going to stick by the rules why should any other country?


One thought on “The BBC are at it again.

  1. hiyya =^_^=

    can 1 pique the antics of al-asad regime and yet disapprove the collided force btw zionists and the spoiled brats of arabs 2 interfere 2 bring it down?

    how can some ppl be so enthusiastic and chant 4 his fall with all means necessary cuz he’s an oppressor and his followers r so disconnected 2 wuts freedom is/deluded
    yet be revolted by the existence of israel and cheer 4 a strikes and rebels armored by machine guns funded by their ‘blood money’ collected by zinon and his sons and serving their vision!

    aye! thats politics always suffering polarizations in each and every aspect of it,,some lead u 2 agree on something yet appose in another,,,political maneuvers they say?
    theres a presenter at al-jazeera keeps asking rhetorical questions while promoting his show,,,,those r such!

    all that 2 get 2 george galloway! i saw the reportage about the dr u talking about on tv and “galla” was in it…and all i thought about is “big brother!”
    i liked him once as an a fair advocate 4 freedom then some1 sent me an old post talking about that chapter of his actions!
    how come 1 be so decent and righteous in 1 matter yet be such a fool and allow himself 2 be a puplic mockery 2 be remembered as weakness ^^
    i might like some politicians motto’s+isolated actions,,,and resent much more of wut they deliver but isnt personality is reflected somehow when they open their mouths!

    sowwy 2 divert much about wut ur post really about! :} regards

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