The Doctor

The mainstream media continue to condemn Syria over the death of a British doctor in a Syrian jail , this is the third day they have promoted the story. This doctor could well be the victim of Syrian human rights abuses , I don’t know but neither do the MSM know either. However , they are treating it like the conviction of Assad is already done and dusted.

Of course it’s not unusual that they have done this. Many trials have collapsed because the MSM have found a suspect guilty before a trial has even started. If an individual was to do such a thing they would be imprisoned for a long time. It’s not only the wealthy that seem to have to adhere to different laws than we ‘working class’ it’s corporations too.

I googled ‘two British doctors charged with terrorism’ and the results were few and far between, this Daily Mail one came up though;

So that’s it then , he denies it so should be allowed back to work. I hope the suspected butcher never lays his surgical tools on me , especially if he suspected I were Shi’a Muslim.

My point is that this story needs further investigation , there are too many questions unanswered. The most important one being why the two main witnesses failed to appear in court for this case to even start it’s proceedings.


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