The Prawer Plan

It sounds harmless enough doesn’t it? The BBC think so too. It’s just ‘a plan to relocate communities’ , they say.

So let me get this straight, to forcibly shift one very large group of people from A to B is ‘relocation’. Can we describe the many Jews in 1939 Germany as just being relocated (the ones that survived)? No , i thought not. So lets look at it another way. Bedouin Arabs being told their centuries long homeland (that has already been asset stripped of water and other valuables) are just being gently moved to another part of ‘Israel’, being totally compliant in the process. Erm, no not really. They have been threatened for a number of years with expulsion from their homes and demolition teams have been constantly working overtime for the Israeli authority who is running the ‘relocation’.

The BBC haven’t just got it slightly wrong this time. The simple and very clear reality is somewhat removed from BBC editorials. In the above description there is no mention of ‘ethnic cleansing’ (which is without a doubt what it is) and seems to agree with Israel that it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Well it isn’t a perfectly reasonable thing to do. It’s a criminal act by a criminal country, described by a criminal news organisation. The cretins that keep churning out all this pro Israeli propaganda are being paid by the British public to write the lies and leave out  omissions  critical to the complete story. It’s high time the BBC were brought before a tribunal of license fee payers to explain this disgusting support of ethnic cleansing Israel


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