Hypocrite Cameron.

The British Prime Minister demands that Syria must answer for the death of a British doctor killed in a Syrian prison. It was an Assad PR stunt that went horribly wrong and it was clearly not in Assad’s interests for the doctor to die.

While we are demanding honesty , perhaps Mr Cameron should cast his mind back to the two British doctors acquitted because the two main witnesses refused to take part in the court case , just a few weeks ago. These two doctors are attempting to start work again in British hospitals and I think Mr Cameron should call Mr Assad and explain to him why these suspects who were fighting with extremists elements in Syria have not been brought to justice here in the UK. No one knows how many innocent civilians these two men killed but Syria should know the truth just as the UK government should know the truth about Abbas Khan.

Mr Cameron might consider that foreign nationals lives aren’t as important as British lives , in fact there is ample evidence to support that being the case but he shouldn’t make it quite so obvious.

Whilst he is explaining the situation to Assad, Cameron could also shed light on why British tax-payers money has been used to support the terrorist extremists fighting the Syrian government forces in Syria. It’s against International law to meddle in other nation’s internal affairs and not very honest when we condemn the very same type of terrorists in our own country . That’s hypocrisy.


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