26 Billion

The Chancellor today claims that another 26 Billion pounds has to be reduced form the budget after the next election. The people of the UK haven’t felt the full effects of previous cuts yet but as is usual the poorest in society will pay a much larger wedge of the newly announced cuts. 12 Billion of it will come from the welfare budget. This is yet another attack on the less well off (the vast majority having found themselves in this position due to circumstances beyond their control) and deal more misery on them.

If you’re sat in a well paid job thinking you are safe from the effects of these cuts think again. No job in this country is secure and it’s by design. The millions of people coming here from Europe aren’t an accident. It allows the wealthy employers to put a freeze on low paid wages because the market is overfilled with people scratching for a job …Any job. It’s  Win – Win for the ruling class of the UK, after all they don’t have to endure the rising community tensions that a massive influx of foreigners bring. They are safe in their security controlled lush houses…And also gain all the profit from the low wages being paid.

It’s a shame the people of the UK don’t see it for what it is , a divide and rule policy which will end up with drones in the skies , a very cheap police force and security men raiding the contacts you have on Facebook if you get arrested. Too ridiculous to be believable? I wish.


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