The death of Sharon earlier in the day shouldn’t in any way hide the incompetence of my latest subject …Mahmoud Abbas. He is the greatest traitor to Palestinian hopes of freedom. Just like other politicians worldwide , he is creaming off a nice little earner for himself and his friends and family. Was he involved in Tony Blair’s deal to get a telecommunications system set up not that long ago in the Occupied territories? I haven’t been digging very deep about Abbas , after all he’s supposed to (obviously) be on pro-Palestinian side , isn’t he?

No …. That’s the short answer. He’s actually on Mahmoud Abbas’ side. He doesn’t give a damn about anything but his own very comfortable lifestyle , least of all destitute or starving Palestinians. It’s time to stop differentiating between Palestinian politicians and Israeli politicians , they all make good from the conflict , even if it is on a personal basis. The claim that they are trying to make an agreement is a blatant and unforgivable fat lie. The Israelis don’t want peace because the land grab will stop…. The Palestinian ‘negotiators don’t want peace because their nice little gravy train will stop.


One thought on “Abbas

  1. ABBASKO and his dregs of co’s!
    he’s a thorn in the throat of the resistance!
    i’m waiting impatiently 4 his upcoming exile 2 the ash heap of history 2 meet the rest of his besties ^^

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