One comment on “Sharon , Blair and a very sick group of squatters.

  1. well,!
    isnt blair disdained much more than recognized by the british political life? he’s even out-casted from the queen’s court!
    kerry+blair+biden got a compensation positions just 2 jet from place2place>deliver speeches>donate red-blooded money>go in vacations>reboot>bak 2 that puppet-y job
    no heavy weight representatives were in attendance at the funeral,,,on high scale level on the least
    foreign ministers r null semigroup-just a 0 on the left,who remember their names? their actions dont even headline the news
    as 4 the peg…
    history isnt merciful,,,he might be influential 2 those who share his demonic desires but wutever built on false will always fall!
    {u cant hide the sun by sieve} they can only blur it 4 a while

    *those creatures never seems 2 be well-groomed,,,the afghani army who get 2nd hand military clothes from the americans look more decent
    it must be the cowardness signal they’r transmitting ^^

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