Sharon , Blair and a very sick group of squatters.

The adulation heaped on the recently deceased Sharon , Tony Blair’s straight faced attendance and a bizarre collection of people carrying his coffin ultimately to an IDF truck was borderline comical. It is apt that Blair attended but somewhat hypocritical if you take a look at Sharon’s history. He joined a terrorist group at 14 that was intent on driving the British out of Palestine to allow the recently arrived Jews to attack and displace the indigenous people. The constant denials by Tony Blair that he did nothing wrong concerning Iraq made them natural bed fellows (no reference to allegations that Blair was caught twice trying to procure young men from toilets in London several years ago). Then there is the majority of the population of Israel, wrapped up in the mourning for a man who has been effectively dead for 8 years.

With most people that die , there are usually sentiments of kindness and how they enhanced mankind but not with Sharon. ‘He was a brave warrior for the people of Israel’ ……In the fight to steal someone else’s land , sure he was. Sharon wasn’t that brave. He was on the side that was very well armed from it’s inception primarily by the US. So they were much better equipped than the Palestinian Army ….. There wasn’t a Palestinian Army as such…They were almost all civilians fleeing the massacres after hearing about villages close by.

So Mr Sharon wasn’t a war hero , he was a cold blooded murderer of civilians and I haven’t even mentioned the Sabra and Shatilla slaughter’s that he oversaw and subsequently had to resign because of. So you see , Mr Blair is quite at home wearing his kappa at the funeral of a terrorist….It is ironic though.


One thought on “Sharon , Blair and a very sick group of squatters.

  1. well,!
    isnt blair disdained much more than recognized by the british political life? he’s even out-casted from the queen’s court!
    kerry+blair+biden got a compensation positions just 2 jet from place2place>deliver speeches>donate red-blooded money>go in vacations>reboot>bak 2 that puppet-y job
    no heavy weight representatives were in attendance at the funeral,,,on high scale level on the least
    foreign ministers r null semigroup-just a 0 on the left,who remember their names? their actions dont even headline the news
    as 4 the peg…
    history isnt merciful,,,he might be influential 2 those who share his demonic desires but wutever built on false will always fall!
    {u cant hide the sun by sieve} they can only blur it 4 a while

    *those creatures never seems 2 be well-groomed,,,the afghani army who get 2nd hand military clothes from the americans look more decent
    it must be the cowardness signal they’r transmitting ^^

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