Mad man McCain claims ‘We were winning’.

Watch the video and hear that he’s firmly on the side of revolution in Syria when he claims ‘We were winning before Hezbollah came along’ , despite him insisting his cause is a humanitarian one.

Yes , I know he’s getting on a bit but it doesn’t stop him from continually screaming for US intervention wherever he feels it’s necessary. His concern for Syrian civilians is in stark contrast to his concern for innocent Lebanese victims of Israeli cluster bombs just a few years ago… Who are still dying today because of them.

Hypocrisy isn’t exclusive to McCain , it’s the foundation of American/UK/Israel foreign policy. Seemingly , defenceless civilians opposing Assad in Syria are far more important than Palestinian and Lebanese victims of Israel’s criminal indiscriminate slaughter’s of recent years. Maybe McCain could explain why there is such a discrepancy in his valuation of the different people dependent on their nationality?

He won’t , but I will. It depends on who is doing the killing. If Israel kills , it’s in defence of humanity against the evil forces that oppose ‘us’ , no matter if the victim is a small child…You won’t hear McCain criticise Israel. Could we not give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that his stance is purely humanitarian? No , not when we read his history of supporting US war and intervention. He has strongly supported the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

Google ‘McCain condemns Israel’.

Primarily his support has been to strengthen the Israeli position regardless of how many civilians die or are displaced. Why are so many top politicians so supportive of the criminal state of Israel when anyone who takes even a slight interest in the Middle East is quickly aware of the atrocities they commit?


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