I won’t pretend that I know much about the troubles in Ukraine at the moment but what I do know is that the protesters appear to be better equipped than the Ukrainian police. Such organised protests don’t just spring from thin air, they are meticulously planned and executed , usually by some outside influence. Obviously, this isn’t in the same league as what happened in Syria but then again Russia’s response will be different completely if things get out of hand. The Syrian revolution was planned and financed by outside influences , mainly Saudi and Qatar then supported by the US and European governments when they were convinced Assad would fall. He didn’t and they were wrong. I don’t know how much the assistance of Iran , Russia and Hezbollah have contributed to Assad’s survival and in almost any other circumstances I would have probably been glad to see the back of him.

The combined support of  Saudi , Qatar, Israel , US , UK , Turkey and France for the Syrian terrorists and a quick read of the Yinon plan convinced me that Syrians were better off with Assad.


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