Obama’s humiliation

The fairly recent events to try and bomb Syria ended in complete humiliation for both the Americans and the British Governments. Obama was left looking very stupid despite AIPAC pressure on the congress but even more so by US public opinion. For the most part , Hague and his British warmonger friends were unequivocally told by parliament that this attack on another Middle Eastern country was not going to happen. Hague has been extremely quiet since the humiliating Members of Parliament ‘no’ vote.

However it seems that Obama hasn’t given up on his own legacy of being a great war-time leader. The supposed humanitarian relief for Syrian cities is not as it seems and is meant to fail. Obama (through Samantha Power) put the onus on Assad’s government to make sure that it was a success when in actual fact they have very little control over what happens in Homs , for example . These areas are ‘rebel’ controlled, hence the reason why they are blockaded by Assad troops and that the humanitarian crises occurred in the first place. Israel is allowed and even encouraged to use the same tactics on Gaza without condemnation.

It seems the next significant proposal by Obama will be to threaten Assad with reprisals for a relief effort that could never succeed.


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