Qatar stadium labourer deaths or Nicholas Anelka’s anti establishment sign?

It seems the latter is much more important to the football authorities than the 400 Nepalese deaths working on football stadiums in Qatar , as reported by the Guardian this week. It’s starting become blatantly obvious that the deaths of these poor souls building the football stadiums is of no consequence to FIFA.  They’ve allowed supporters to do monkey chants to black players for years and it still happens regularly in European competitions but Anelka shows this anti establishment sign and he’s banned for 5 games.

Or is it for another reason the FA have made an example of Anelka? Maybe the leniency allowed to Israel even though they stop Palestine from playing almost any competitive games has something to do with it. Perhaps its related to UEFA allowing Israel to play in European competitions when they geographically shouldn’t? Who knows…. All I know is that , just like the Qatar successful bid , world football is in a corrupt mess that is only highlighted by their hypocrisy.


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