International aggression with a low profile.

Not for the first time , Israel have attacked Syrian targets in response to an attack on Israeli soldiers, allegedly by Syria or Hezbollah. The media aren’t making much of it but it’s one in a long line of deliberate acts of aggression that never gets the headlines, unless they are the perceived victims.

Of course , they didn’t provide any convincing evidence for their suspicions, they seldom do. I did see a group of Israeli thugs in green uniforms around a man on a stretcher , I assume that must be the evidence. A passport stealing security service that has the motto of ‘by way of deception thou shalt do war’ doesn’t exactly reassure me.

It’s not only these kinds of acts of aggression that are virtually ignored by our media though. The constant drip , drip attacks on Gaza and the West Bank are kept relatively quiet and Israel only kill ‘terrorists’, if we are to believe them. The constant provocation initiated by Israel goes under the radar and barely merits a mention but the fireworks described as rockets fired from the Palestinian side….That’s a different story. If the media ever discover there are victims to the understandable response by Palestinian resistance , it will suddenly become front page news. In reality the rockets are an act of defiance rather than a destructive force.

Meanwhile , I await the universal condemnation of this latest attack on Syria by my own government as well as from NATO , US , EU , etc.


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