Arundhati Roy

It’s a long time since I originally viewed this documentary.

It’s brilliantly produced and well worth watching.


One thought on “Arundhati Roy

  1. hIYYA 🐱

    *nAnA dwells about the_presence of the_pyramids at the_start of this documentary that i came 2 an understanding its done by integrating a lecture of her”s with projecting images,,,it is well done indeed!

    my ideas r over-flowing,,,,i’l fairly agree with those scientists stating that the_mind storage every data thats our senses absorbs and keeps them in the_bak corner of our brains only 2 be summonsed 2 the_front row when its motivated by triggers
    2 cut it short,only 2 pointers! cuz i’m so hyperly-talk active :~d AT TIMES!

    the last thing that was writtin at the_doc blak screen was
    {when u can be told wut 2 see or read then it follows that u can be told what 2 say or think,,,,,start reading or we’r all screwed}
    which is essential 2 build a better perception and putting it in2 its intended purpose,,,
    we’v been blessed with that gift 2 serve us not 2 be servants 4 others and their pretentious plans

    an eye that shyly blinds itself from witnessing the horrific consequences of injustice is an accessory of doing the_act,,,
    its against the law 2 witness a crime and over-looking it without lending a helping hand 2 whom is harmed by violence!
    a stander-by couldve prevented it and changed the course of actions that follows

    it became over-taxing 2 say earthians r hypnotized 2 a stage of numbness and drivin 2 be fully consumed with their day2day lives and needs without the willingness 2 expand their horizon,,,
    newton couldve ate the_apple that fell and landed b4 him but he picked it up and allowed himself 2 deliberate with his common knowledge and contemplated himself 2 peruse another possibilities,,,
    its digital-age!
    every inquiry the mind thrusts 4 is a few kliks away,knowledge r no-longer monopoly-ed by individuals/institutes/governments!
    its out -there 2 be sought/speculate its accuracy/its free 2 investigate!
    which brings us 2 the headliner of her speech
    {never again will a single story be told as though its the only1, there can never be a single story, there r only ways of seeing}
    theirs the truth and its counterparts and its parallels and its versions,,,,all dependent on our own views and understanding of things
    no innocence in being oblivious,everybody is held accountable of their silence and theres no excuses 2 be self-centered :} at least thats wut i believe

    she objectively pitched some questions about the statehood of palestine if they became a victor and proclaimed their land,,,forecasting the_current unfairness they’v been treated with saying it’l be a vendetta in return!
    its a priori that israel will never bak-down from anything that their forged torah allegedly promised them,,,they’r immorally twisted there4 whenever that time comes they’l only be reaping their bloody-hands-doing!
    is there any1 really believes that they’l ever get out of palestine without a counter bled-shed?

    regards 2 U,candour as ever :}

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