Pathetic Kerry.

Backtracking an accusation of an impending Israeli apartheid society, John Kerry proves what a coward he really is. He obviously has no pride, apologising for a statement that isn't actually true and certainly doesn't show the true extent of a heinous Israeli policy. It's not apartheid, it's ethnic cleansing. The Israelis gave up on apartheid when they decided … Continue reading Pathetic Kerry.


Netanyahu: Does Abbas want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel?

Following discussions between Hamas and the PLO, it seems they might have come to an agreement to resolve their differences. I hope so, it's long overdue and the credibility of Abbas can't get much lower. Netanyahu has concluded the PLO want peace with Hamas so they aren't allowed peace with Israel which is rather odd. … Continue reading Netanyahu: Does Abbas want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel?

If there was ever any doubt….

..That governments can create seemingly independent groups that do their bidding for them, those doubts have been erased by the Syria conflict. Fighting for an Islamic caliphate would be understandable given their interpretation of their religious obligations but what about other and more important issues concerning Muslims? What about Palestinians? Shouldn't there be an urgency … Continue reading If there was ever any doubt….

Ed Miliband

The Guardian covers Ed Miliband's visit to Israel where he is pictured looking very sombre and no doubt being told that the Jewish holocaust misery was a fate much worse than anything other people may have suffered. He thanked Israel for providing sanctuary for his grandmother after his grandfather was killed. Touching, but who paid … Continue reading Ed Miliband

Price tag.

Many Israelis believe that condemnation of Israel is equal to Jewish hatred, which of course is ridiculous. The'anti-Semitic'' card is used with evermore regularity. Jewish hatred of other religions can be observed much easier and sadly it's not just the extremist 'settlers' that are to blame. Most people these days couldn't care less what religion … Continue reading Price tag.